Plate Glass and Cosmetics


When the beauty of the object combines innovation in its colour and material...

MÄDER proposes an extended range of products for architectural plate glass and small bottles, with gloss and mat varnishes, pigmented and colouring bases, solvent-based or water-based, on which serigraphy can be applied without flame treatment, enabling each industrial company to make up its own shades or call upon our skills to make specific, ready to use shades.

In partnership with a recognised operator in the field of metallic coatings, we offer a complete range of undercoats and finishing varnishes, cross-linked using an oven or UV.

All these ranges of products are developed jointly by our teams based at our sites in Europe, which enables us to offer an extensive range that can satisfy all application conditions and specifications.

Partners and suppliers to prestigious perfume houses, our product range also includes packaging: cosmetics, plastics, drinks and medical applications, via its many innovations.

Plate Glass and Cosmetics